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3D cover of romantic comedy novel Sit, Stay, Love

He’s a loner

she’s cursed

in love

now what?

It’s love at first sniff for Lancelot the low-slung Basset Hound and Guinevere the towering Saint Bernard. Obstacles? Like height, just for starters? Hah. Nothing can keep these two apart.

Their humans are a different matter. Lancelot’s Van is a business wunderkind who’s had it with that. He wants to stop saving the world and start a new career as a sculptor working in splendid artistic isolation. Guinevere’s Mary falls hard and fast for Van, but there’s a little matter of the curse on love that, well, curses her whole family. 

It’s going to take dogged lessons for the humans to get this love thing right.

Get your copy at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0C7317NBF/

or, in Canada, https://www.amazon.ca/Sit-Stay-Love-Toronado-Romantic-ebook/dp/B0C7317NBF/

Comedy Coming Soon

3D cover of romantic comedy novel Love Unleashed

It’s Love by

the numbers

To Benji Franklin, a librarian with a passion for rescuing animals, Ethan Yarwood is Mr. Perfect.
The handsome rising young chief financial officer is an all-around great guy, and his dog thinks hers is the cat’s meow.
There’s just one problem. No, make that five.
Yes, five ex-fiancées lurk in Ethan’s past, and Benji thinks the odds aren’t good if she becomes Number Six.

Math plays beautiful music in Ethan’s head, but it’s one giant discord after another with women.
Quite a few women, he admits. They needed him, but then they stopped needing him.
Candy needed him so little she jumped out of the cake in sequins and not much else to dump him at his bachelor party.
But now, Number Six will be The One.

A quiet, enchanting librarian like Benji wouldn’t make him the talk of the town all over again.
Would she?

3D cover of romantic comedy/suspense novel The Bridegroom's Bodyguard

Ex-bride vs


Some of Anna Kempson’s clients start out thinking she can’t handle her job, but a bodyguard needs brains more than brawn. Sam McKnight isn’t the first she throws over her head to get her competence through his thick skull. He’s just the most irritatingly attractive.

Sam’s mother thinks he needs protection. Ridiculous. His big linebacker body doesn’t need any guarding. Sure, he just left his bride at the altar, thanks to what she was doing with the best man, but Melisande is hardly dangerous. Besides, a sexy little thing like Anna couldn’t beat off any bad guys anyway. She’ll be his bodyguard over his – well – dead body. Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Never mind. The answer is no.

But then the ex-bride kidnaps Sam’s twin brother. She had counted on becoming a rich widow. Now she’ll settle for ransom and revenge, and she’ll still kill to get them.

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